Presenting the acclaimed Danish designer with a lifelong career marked by uncompromising style, Scandinavian modernity, and a deep sense of storytelling.

Exhibition Details

A black and white photograph of a woman covering her face with both hands, one hand is vertical, the other hand is horizontal, her eye is peeking out between them. There is a list of artwork titles on the left and there is an introduction about the artist beneath her image.

B. 1962, Copenhagen, Denmark

Malene Birger

A joint showcase

May 25-June 02

The joint exhibition with Bartha_contemporary will also showcase selected reliefs by German artist Florian Baudrexel and paintings by Swiss artist Beat Zoderer, inviting a dialogue between the works of three artists, each presenting a distinctly modernist aesthetic.


Bartha_contemporary, 7 Ledbury Mews North, Notting Hill, London W11 2AF



Featured Works

Having founded and led two of Denmark’s most established and successful international fashion brands, Malene emerged as a multiple-award-winning designer.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen, founded in 1997 and by Malene Birger in 2003, still follow Malene’s design philosophy that beauty and function go hand in hand. In 2015, Malene established the world of Malene Birger, a creative consultancy, and now devotes her time to art and interior design while residing in Mallorca. Malene is a self-proclaimed nomad, motivated and educated by her travels and encounters. The ebb and flow of her life and energy is her inspiration.

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A large desk in glossy black with metal wire frame chairs. There is a rustic black and white patterned rug beneath the desk.There are various pieces of art and ceramic sculptures on display on the walls, and the desk. The colour palette is black, brown, white, and beige.

The experience of diverse cultures and landscapes is reflected in the artworks with a solid graphic intensity, monochrome palette, and multiple textural levels depicting the familiar layers of life.

Malene Birger continues working and developing herself with unwavering style across different mediums, including ceramics and jewellery. We are proud to collaborate with her to create exclusive pieces for the gallery and facilitate bespoke commissions.

Featured Works

A designer lounge interior with sofa in brown leather and patterned cushions. There is a folded brown a cream patterned blanket resting on the arm. There are two matching beige and brown lamp behind the sofa with a glass table behind them with various art sculptures on it. The bookcases feature various art sculptures and vases, framed pictures and paintings, and books.